The Program

You will work with Adeline to create your own 28-Day CHOCbite Experience designed for your unique body, lifestyle and goals. She will provide you with goal-setting exercises and worksheets. She will show you how she lost weight by simply monitoring her caloric intake and consciously eating 20 percent less at every meal. She will help you find a form of exercise that you love and teach you how to be generous to yourself, by giving yourself a moment of sweet reward every day – a bite of chocolate! Adeline will post helpful advice every day on her Members’ Only Blog as well as insightful short videos once a week. You will be supported with Weekly Group Calls that will be recorded and posted on the Members’ Only Blog. There is also a Members’ Only Forum where you can seek advice and exchange ideas with the other women in your group. All of this is included in the the program, not to mention of course your personal supply of CHOCbite chocolates!


To create a feeling of joy and happiness that is life-changing and sustainable after the program is completed.


For you to spend 28 days with me serving your own personal and unique needs so that you get filled up with self-love.


You will become conscious of your patterns and choose ones that serve your long-term goals of health and fitness. You will feel confident, connected and happy.


Bring awareness to the past, the present and the future in order to help you succeed in achieving your goals by directing attention to the best solution and adding action.

  • Syllabus for the CHOCbite Experience

  • Weekly Calls on Mondays where I impart a “love session” and you can ask questions. This will be recorded and posted to my blog (on site) for members only.
  • Weekly 1-2 Minute Video send out on Fridays to impart how I overcome obstacles to my happiness and success
  • I post daily on my Members Only Blog with information to help you.
  • The blog will have downloadable PDFs for you to access (e.g., mini-books, worksheets, grocery lists, etc.)
  • A Members Only Forum that will allow you to have conversations with your fellow group members, upload photos of foods and exercise routines.

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