What is the CHOCbite Experience?

The 28-Day CHOCbite Experience is the first step in Chief Happiness Coach Adeline Arjad’s 13-step TENACITY + GENEROSITY = SUCCESS program. It is designed for women who want to focus on their health and fitness. You will set your intentions with Adeline and the other women in your group and move forward into greater self-awareness, confidence and happiness. You will learn to release the weight you don’t want while rewarding your efforts with chocolate every day. You will reinforce your success with more success. For many of you – for the first time in your life – you’ll be dedicating 28 full days to self-love and regeneration. The 28-Day CHOCbite Experience can transform your life. It is a fun program. A sweet program. A gift to yourself.

“Now that I am in my power – I know what it takes to get women back in their power. And I know what an incredible ripple effect that can have on your life and the rest of your community. One excited and empowered woman can change laws, shift perceptions, connect millions of people in love.


Your transformation will not effect only you, it will permeate all those around you. Your partner. Your parents. Your children. Your friends. Your animals. Suddenly the world around you will become brighter, sweeter, happier and much much much more fun.”– Adeline, from her e-book
Learn How I Lost 50 Pounds By Eating Chocolate.

“Learn How I Lost50 lbsEating Chocolate”


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